Irish session

An Irish session is held on the first Wednesday of each month at Liberty Pub, 2047 Sherman Street in downtown North Bend. Here are some of the tunes that will be played:

Recordings for many of these tunes can be found at

We thank Jeremy Kammerer for his generosity in recording these tunes for the Eugene sessions many years ago.

Also  here, thanks to Tom Purvis for creating these in musescore

“Irish Reel Book” edited by Patrick Steinbach has many great selections.

Irish Reel Book

In particular, these tune #s make nice sets: Teetotalers, Sligo Maid, Sheehan’s (11,14,15), Pigeon on a Gate, Star of Munster (17, 16), Killavil Reel, New Policeman (20, 21), Roscommon Reel, Musical Priest (22,23), Ships are Sailing, Bucks of Oranmore (30,31), O’Neills March (36), Road to Listonvarna, Top of Cork Road, Dancing Master (44,46,45) Trip to Sligo, My Darling Asleep (58,59), Blarney Pilgrim, Morrison’s Jig (63,64), Father O’Flynn, Frost is All Over (76,77) Cronin’s Hornpipe, Derry Hornpipe (127, 128) Cappamore, Tom Vicar’s Polka (148, 147) Ballydesmond, Knockabout, Farewell to Whisky (149, 150, 151) All Alive, Princess Royal (177, 178)