Contra Session

Third Wednesdays at Liberty Pub, 7-9

These sessions will be dedicated to contra dance repertoire. The primary source will be the Portland Collection volumes 1, 2 & 3. Playing from memory is greatly encouraged. If you want an opportunity to work on reading the tunes, please also attend the Firehouse sessions on Monday evenings.

Here is a link to purchase the books:

Here is a list of the tunes contained therein:

Here is a small sample of tunes that we have been playing on the South Coast :

(also check the Irish tune page, as there is a lot of cross-over)

From Volume 1

Atholl Highlanders, The Banshee, Bundle and Go, Calliope House, Curvy Road to Corinth, Cowboy Jig, Devil in the Strawstack, Drowsy Maggie, Earl’s Chair, Elzic’s Farewell, Galen’s Arrival, Horace Hainsworth, Jump at the Sun, March of St. Timothy, Millers Reel, Nail That Catfish, Paddy on the Landfill, Sackett’s Harbor, Sandy River Belles, Seneca Square Dance, Star of Munster, Tom Morrison’s Reel, Virginia Reel, Waynesboro

From Volume 2

Big Scioty, Con Cassidy’s Jig, Cup of Tea, Dedicado a’ Jos, Early in the Year, Flying Home to Shelley, Garster’s Dream, Hut on Staffin Island, Indian Point, Kerfunken, MacLeods Farewell, Master Crowley’s, Reel de Montebello, Old Copperplate, Paddy on a Handcar, Rambling Pitchfork, Reel of Sceachog, Salvation, Stan Chapmans, Tamlin, Tar Road to Sligo, Le Tourment, Up Sligo

From Volume 3

It just came out recently, so TBA!

Also, we now have some tunes from “Firefly,” the band that is coming for South Coast Folk Week !

Firefly Dance Musicians Workshop Tune Book