Second Sunday sing-along

The South Coast Folk Society holds a monthly sing-along year-round. Held every second Sunday of the month, this sing-along is for people of all ages and abilities who like to sing. Join us as we sing from 4:00 until 6:00 pm at North Bend Public Library 1800 Sherman Ave in North Bend.

NB Library big circle - Copy

Rise Up Singing

Enjoy this video of the sing-along as we sing “Spread the Joy”. This song is a special song written by Jonathan Jensen in commemoration of the Country Dance & Song Society’s centennial celebration. Video courtesy of Doug Plummer.

Our “Rise Up Singing” songbooks have many kinds of songs. You are sure to find songs that you know, or you can bring a song to share. Acoustic instruments are welcome.

Oh welcome my friends! Just to see you again, 

Brings laughter and light to my heart and my home.

Our voices in song last the whole winter long,

And bless us throughout the year.  

So we’ll sing the seasons,

Of time and rivers,

Of two young lovers a-making their way;

And we’ll dream of stardust,

We’ll bask in moonglow,

And the songs will ring through the year.

 Callahan’s Round by John Krumm