South Coast Folk Week: a project of the Country Dance and Song Society

Firefly will be performing and teaching workshops at South Coast Folk Week.

Firefly, along with dance caller Bob Dalsemer, will be performing and teaching workshops at South Coast Folk Week.


Here’s the schedule of events! Here are the class descriptions!

The South Coast Folk Society belongs to the Country Dance and Song Society, a national organization that promotes participation in traditional music and dance. (Here’s a video about them.) In honor of its 100th birthday, the Country Dance and Song Society has selected six communities across the US and Canada to host a week-long celebration of dance, music and song! We called ours South Coast Folk Week, and it happened Oct. 4-10.

For South Coast Folk Week, CDSS sent dance leader Bob Dalsemer and the band Firefly, both from North Carolina. We held dances, song circles, classes for musicians, classes for dancers, a class for song leaders, and classes for dance callers. It was all free to the public. Bob and the band also went into the schools and worked with kids.

South Coast Folk Week was a fabulous opportunity for building the skills of our local musicians, dancers and singers; strengthening the activities of our folk society; and throwing a fabulous week-long party! Thank you Country Dance and Song Society.

Watch a video about Coos Bay being selected as a CDSS tour stop host.

Watch a video about other South Coast Folk Society activities.

Doug Plummer, Seattle-based photographer and videographer wants to make a documentary about the whole process. He’s been coming to town for more than a year to gather stories and shoot footage, and he’s just created this little “teaser” video for the documentary, which he’ll use when he writes grant proposals for the project: Take Hands.

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