South Coast Folk Week – four classes for musicians

All classes are admission by donation, and are lead by members of the band Firefly.

The band began in the mid 1980‘s as friends and daughters, casually singing a cappella four part harmony for the sheer pleasure of it. Over the last 20 years, Firefly has developed into a full instrumental string band of twin fiddles, guitar and bass, with shimmering harmony singing still glowing at its core. Firefly specializes in reinterpreting older music of the rural and urban south: Appalachian fiddle tunes, gospel, blues, swing, and old time country.

  1. Monday, Oct 5 from 7-9 pm at North Bend Public Library 1800 Sherman Ave NB

“Basics of Playing for Contra Dancers”  Your role as dance musician, making simple tunes shine, avoiding common “train wrecks,” and fostering a sense of fun.  Musicians of all levels are welcome — you’ll learn something new.

  1. Tuesday, Oct 6 from 7-9 pm at North Bend Public Library 1800 Sherman Ave NB

“Playing in Community: How to Make Tunes Your Own and Bring Them Out of the Closet”

Playing in public, finding your musical voice, forming a band.

  1. Thursday, Oct 8 from 7-9 pm in the bandroom of Sunset Hall on the SWOCC campus

“Skillfully Playing for Dancers: Band Dynamics”

Working with a caller, choosing just-right tunes, forming a cohesive group on stage, making changes on the fly.

  1. Saturday, 1-3 pm at the Harding Learning Center 755 S. 7th St. Coos Bay

“Tricks of the Trade: How to Make Your Tunes Dance”

A workshop for contra dance musicians focusing on nifty dynamics, effective medleys, and creating energy in the dance hall.